For children diagnosed with a wide variety of needs:





Down Syndrome

Language Impairment

Hearing Impairment

Cerebral Palsy

We tailor our therapy sessions to your child's individual needs.

Our practice specializes in a variety of therapy techniques including: 

  • Prompt Trained
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Oral Motor Therapy
  • Play Based Therapy
  • Feeding  Therapy 

Practice Area

The staff of SBK Interventions, LLC is committed to providing the highest standard of pediatric therapy services to optimize your child's communication and behavioral needs.  We work with the entire family to help your child make the most progress.
We accept insurance payments as well as private payment when insurance coverage is not available.

Stephanie Bendiske, MS CCC-SLP, BCBA has been working in the field for the past 20 years. Therapy sessions are tailored to the individual child.  Most services are provided using a combination of play and table work.  All services provided follow the principles of motivation and reinforcement.

Care Advice

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Speech and Language Pathologist
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Who We Are

Stephanie Bendiske, MS CCC-SLP, BCBA
(860) 944-8979
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Office Address:
32 East Hampton Road
Marlborough, CT 06447

Our professional staff consists of licensed  Speech & Language Pathologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The combination of these two areas of specialty work well together and assist children to meet their potential.

Speech- Langauge Pathologist

Stephanie Bendiske,MS CCC-SLP, BCBA
Speech Pathologist- SBK Interventions, LLC
3 East Hampton Rd.Marlborough, CT06447US
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